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Float Tips: 18/03/2020

Peacock wagglers
Float Tips: 18/03/2020

Published: 18/03/2020

Here at Middy, we are really proud of our wide range of floats for both pole and rod-and-line. So we should be - we have been making floats since the 1960's. One of the fathers of float making and founder of Middy, Ken Middleton, couldn't purchase floats made with the quality he required, so he proceeded to construct his own. Through interest in his match results and the floats he made, Middy Tackle was born. Fast forward 50 years and you'll be hard pressed to find any angler that hasn't used a Middy float of some sort.

This is the latest in a series of weekly float tips, where we introduce you to some of the various patterns of floats we produce, what materials are used and more importantly how and what they are used for. This week is about the peacock wagglers, courtesy of Middy angler Dale Calvert:

Peacock wagglers really are special to me. I was introduced to these many years ago when I used to travel around the country fishing with an old friend of mine. Leaving ridiculously early in the morning with rod bags on the top of his then-new Vauxhall Belmont, we fished from dawn to dusk. Mainly fishing rivers, I had a small selection of favourite stillwaters and my float collection was even smaller. A few barbel trotters, chubbers and stick floats were scattered in the bottom of my box but my main stable were some lovely Middy Peacock floats. These are so versatile on rod-and-line. Chucking right across on a slow running river just off the bottom with a 4AAA pattern, or fishing the lift method for big skimmers and tench with the 2AAA on a lake, I have many memories dear in my heart of using these Middy floats.

The source of these quills is all the way from India and Middy only use legally obtained feathers that are shed where a special licence is required to obtain them. The paint is acrylic based, developed to bond to the feather with minimal layers of paint. This reduces weight and maintains the natural properties and strength of the feathers, which is perfect for rigorous pellet waggler fishing in the warmer months. Being a thick diameter these floats are easy to see when fishing either still or running water and they’re really easy to shot. Lock in the float with shot around the polymer eye when fishing up-in-the-water or to the far bank, or spread the shot down the line when trotting.

From 2AAA to 4AAA, these floats are 12cm right up to 22cm in length, which is perfect for reading bites on the drop and creating stability on rivers. Personally I love to clip up and cast these floats into holes on the far bank with a size 16 Middy Band 'Em when fishing hard pellet for carp and big F1's.

Give them a try this summer at around £1.60 / €1.89 each.

Tight lines

~ Dale Calvert

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