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Float Tips: 10/03/2020

Carp Blue pole floats
Float Tips: 10/03/2020

Published: 10/03/2020

Here at Middy, we are really proud of our wide range of floats for both pole and rod-and-line. So we should be - we have been making floats since the 1960's. One of the fathers of float making and founder of Middy, Ken Middleton, couldn't purchase floats made with the quality he required, so he proceeded to construct his own. Through interest in his match results and the floats he made, Middy Tackle was born. Fast forward 50 years and you'll be hard pressed to find any angler that hasn't used a Middy float of some sort.

This is the latest in a series of weekly float tips, where we introduce you to some of the various patterns of floats we produce, what materials are used and more importantly how and what they are used for. This week is about the incredible Carp Blue pole floats, courtesy of Middy angler Dale Calvert:

If you're the type of angler who wants a float that will cover 99% of your pole fishing, then look no further than a rugby ball pattern. The all-round versatility of this shape makes it first choice for many anglers. When I first started using them, I was blown away by the quality of the original Carp Grey series floats and pretty much used nothing else. This first version was designed in conjunction with Match This champion Rob Wootton and has now been updated by using a more robust flexi wire called Nitinol, to become the Carp Blue range. The body material is still AA-grade balsa but the new paint shell means they won't take on water.

The new Carp Blue is available in 4 sizes (4x10, 4x12, 4x14 and a 4x16) and has 4 versions/patterns as follows:

• Series1 = Nitinol stem, 1.5mm Hi-Viz hollow tip
• Series2 = Nitinol stem, 2mm Hi-Viz hollow tip
• Series3 = carbon stem, 1.5mm Hi-Viz hollow tip
• Series4 = carbon stem, 2mm Hi-Viz hollow tip

The two floats with Nitinol stems are perfect for extra stability and having the rig settle very fast. Personally I like these when I'm nailing bait hard on the deck with a bulk of shot, especially for skimmers. They come with a Hi-Viz hollow tip in either 1.5mm or 2mm diameter. The carbon stem models are for when I like to ‘shirt button’ my shot in the last third of the rig and search the swim for carp feeding a various depths before settling on the bottom. I might set up two rigs of each and start off on the carbon stem Series4 Carp Blue and then change over to the Series2 in the Nitinol part-way into the session when the fish have settle. My personal favourites out of the four different models are the Series1 and Series2, with the slimmer 1.5mm tipped Series1 being perfect for fishing smaller baits like 4mm soft expanders or maggot. All the Carp Blue floats are handmade and go through rigorous quality checks so you can be assured you’re getting a great float.

If you are one of those anglers who doesn't want stacks of different confusing patterns and want one type of float that will generally cover everything, the Carp Blue is perfect.

(RRP £2.25 / €2.75)

~ Dale Calvert

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