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Float Tips: 25/02/2020

In-Viz Carp Bomb Insert Wagglers
Float Tips: 25/02/2020

Published: 25/02/2020

Here at Middy we are really proud of our wide range of floats for both pole and rod-and-line. So we should be - we have been making floats since the 1960's. One of the fathers of float making and founder of Middy, Ken Middleton, couldn't purchase floats made with the quality he required, so he proceeded to construct his own. Through interest in his match results and the floats he made, Middy Tackle was born. Fast forward 50 years and you'll be hard pressed to find any angler that hasn't used a Middy float of some sort. Over the up and coming weeks we will introduce to you some of the various patterns of floats we produce, what materials are used and more importantly how and what they are used for.

This week is about one of our favourites, the Middy In-Viz Carp Bomb Insert waggler. Available in 3 different lengths and weights; a 1.6g, 2.4g and 3.2g, these floats are perfect for fishing at half depth to right on the deck. Attach these to your line using one of our pellet float adapters and you can start off on the 1.6g float fishing at around 8m and switch to the 3.2g one when chucking to 16m+.

Use a light line on your reel to make casting easy. Something like a 4.4lbs or 5.2lbs breaking strain will be perfect. This may seem light but with a beefed up hooklength and a soft action waggler rod you will easily handle double figure carp. These insert wagglers really come into their own on cold days. Dotting down the tip is best and you are really looking for bites on the drop so "shirt button" your no.8's down the line. This will ensure your hookbait will fall nice and slowly through the water making it irresistible for any on looking fish to ignore.

Whether you’re searching through your swim when fishing corn, hard or soft pellet and even maggot, dotting down the bristle to a tiny pimple and pinging in a few lose offerings every cast is really enjoyable and effective. These floats are lovely when fishing for winter silvers too. Two double dead reds on a waggler can bring bumper catches of silvers.

In either orange or yellow, the interchangeable tips are very handy for when the light changes. The 3.2g version is a very versatile float. At 30cm long this is a popular insert float for many top anglers when fishing waggler. Made from Cellulose Acetate Butyrate, this material is super reliable. Less prone to cracking and bending than other normal plastics, these floats will get a lot of hammering and will be amongst your armoury of wagglers for years. At around £1.99 each it's no wonder they are so popular.

~ Dale Calvert

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