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Middy UK Angler

Steve Gregory


Steve Gregory

Sheffield, UK

Current location:
Bullington, Lincolnshire, UK

Started angling:
“When I was about 6 years ago, sat on my grandad’s knee about 50 odd years ago.”

Favourite venues:
“I have many but one that’s up and coming and a sure winner is Springvale fishing lakes in Lincolnshire. Also my favourite lake on any complex is Skylark on the Westwood lakes complex at Boston.”

Favourite methods:
“I love paste fishing, it’s challenging at times but get your head around it and the rewards speak for themselves.”

Favourite Middy product:
“I never thought a pole would beat my XK55-2, but my XZ65-3 has all the benefits plus it’s lighter and stiffer, giving unrivalled performance.”

Biggest match weight:
“I don’t chase big weights anymore, but back in the day I had 414lb 14oz, which then was phenomenal and it started the big weight hunt for many anglers.”

Angling ambitions:
“I am so tired of all the ‘win at all costs’ anglers who shrug off people that want to learn from them. I understand that people need to ask questions to improve. I’ll be starting a website in the near future with the sole intention of helping other anglers achieve their goals. We all had to start somewhere and if I can help others to enjoy their fishing then that’s very satisfying and fulfilling. I will also continue to promote the excellent products of Middy and keep the flag flying high.”

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