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MIDDY Xtreme Pole Float S4 4x12
MIDDY Xtreme Pole Float S4 4x12
MIDDY Xtreme Pole Float S4 4x12

MIDDY Xtreme Pole Float S4 4x12


Middy continue their trend of making excellent pole floats with the super-tough Xtreme range, all made in the UK using quality A-grade balsa. The Series 1 through to Series 5 all feature thick visual 2.5mm tips, as well as a micro-tough polymer side eye that goes all around the stem of the float, so that it cannot pull out under pressure. Series 1 are short tough floats for extreme work in the margins on 0.22 lines (4x10, 4x12), while the Series 2 are perfect for baggin' sessions at short to medium distances with a slightly slimmer body that registers bites with ease. The S2 types will work well in depths of around three to five feet (4x10, 4x12, 4x14). The pear-down shape Series 3 give a little more stability in side winds or moving water and are ideal for slightly deeper swims, as well as heavier baits like meat (4x10, 4x12, 4x14). Series 4 are good competition all-rounders and will show sensitive bites because of their slim body design. Use them in the margins or far shelf in the two smaller sizes, or deeper swims in the two larger sizes (4x10, 4x12, 4x14, 4x16). Lastly the Series 5 are designed for more sensitive autumn and winter work on maggots and caster, when you still want to be able to see the tip of the float at distance (4x10, 4x12, 4x14, 4x16). An 'xtremely' tough range of pole floats for carp commercials.

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