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Competition Winners

Competition Winners

Published: 26/04/2023

Middy ran three separate competitions on Facebook in April.

The first was to win a Quartix feeder butt rest. A totally custom design, better than all others! Your rod will naturally sit in the top V-shape of the design when you have your hand on the rod, or you can press the handle of the rod down into the rest and it will grip super tight (ideal if you're about to open your drink or look at your phone).

This butt rest will accommodate different size rod diameters, so nearly every feeder rod will be compatible - genius!

Featuring a secure brass thread, as well as a soft flexible TPE rubberised structure to protect the rod. The overall size is very compact too.

The winners of this competition are as follows:

Henry Maybury, Birmingham
Colin Walker, Oswestry
Andy Gosling, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Roland Carrington, Stilton
Garry Wilkinson, Stoke-on-Trent

The next competition was for the Bombproof 5.12m Margin Beast Pole. This fully take-apart pole is super-strong for margin work. It is 5.12m long and weighs in at 660g.

The 2nd section is pre-fitted with an SIC Smooth-Run Side slot system and it is rated to a massive 35 elastic rating.

The tip is pre-bushed ready to go, it just needs the elastic setting-up. It is a beast of a tool that will not let you down and it represents excellent value.

The winner of the Bombproof 5.12m Margin Beast Pole is Mick Taylor from Derby.

The final competition was to win a White Knuckle CX 6m whip. It is the most popular 6m margin tool in the UK. Fully take-apart, it has a tremendous 24 elastic rating.

It is ready elasticated with 8-10 Hi-Viz elastic in the 6m whip top section. You then get an additional take-apart 2-kit in the package, ready-elasticated with 18+ carp strong Hi-Viz elastic.

It has carbon Triple-X strong system joints and will withstand the demands of double-figure carp. This is an incredible tool that all anglers should have in their armoury.

The winner of the White Knuckle CX 6m whip is Dale Newton from Manchester.

Congratulations to the winners!

If your name is listed above please email with your delivery address and telephone number so we can arrange delivery of your prize!

Please note prizes must be claimed by no later than 8th May 2023.

Thank you to everyone who entered the competitions - please look out for more on our Facebook page @MiddyMatchRange.

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