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Update - Reactacore Poles

After waiting almost 18 months for availability, Middy are now finally able to supply Reactacore poles, kits and sections again, while stocks last.
Update - Reactacore Poles

Published: 25/10/2022

Production delays in Italy had pushed back the availability of Reactacore poles and spares further and further into the year, but existing ‘back orders’ are now going out to retailers and new orders can be placed via local stockists while stocks last.

The introduction of Quad carbon and Maximus Wrap are just two of the cutting-edge advances that make Reactacore poles the very best of the best. There are seven models to choose from, which vary in carbon quality, length, price bracket and intended use. For example, the lower end XM10-3 and XQ-1 are fantastic margin poles, while the 16.5m flagship XZ65-3 is the absolute pinnacle of top quality pole manufacturing, designed for the highest level of match fishing.

The features include Quad carbon which is a unique four-layer precision process, to achieve a fast response action and superb rigidity. Maximus Wrap further strengthens the joints, reduces wear, and allows the joints to overlap slightly less, making Reactacore poles longer than their previous incarnations.

Depth-Line Markers (DLM) allows depth to be accurately checked in the critical 1ft to 3ft catching zone, while Spineline markers ensure the backbone of the pole can be lined-up throughout the sections for optimal performance.

These poles also incorporate the Distance Numbering System (DNS), whereby all 13m sections (and further extensions) are printing with numbers at 5cm apart allowing you to precisely know the distance you are catching at. The top kits are also coloured keyed (CKB) to show exactly where you should cut back in order for Middy’s range of PTFE bushes to fit perfectly.

The graphite in these poles can withstand temperatures of 3800K (Kelvin), which is the equivalent of 3502 Centigrade. This is thanks to the HKD process that the carbon undergoes, ensuring the pole remains stable and rigid even in extreme summer temperatures.

Vacuum-curing under extreme pressure is what forces out any tiny air imperfections within the sections, creating a more consistent action and increasing strength in each section. Middy do this on the Reactacore poles with their ‘VC-X’ process and it’s yet another factor in what makes these poles top dog.

There are many other features too, such as the S-Slide finishing, whereby the sections are micro-ground to create a low friction surface. This makes shipping back faster and almost effortless.

Each pole is supplied with various top kits and spares, more of which are included the higher up the range you go. Nearly all such kits are also available separately. There’s the top level ‘Ultra Control’ range which incorporates 18 rated two kits in a choice of black or white colour, as well as a cup kit. These are shorter than the standard cup kit and two kits, which include the Max25 Karp and the Max22 Karp. There’s also a Max16 Match 3 Pro Kit available separately. Furthermore, Middy offer short one-piece kits such as the Max16 F1 Pro, the Max20 Fast Taper Margin, and the Max30 Phantom. A range of Safe-Zone mini reversible butt sections, as well as generic sections, are also available. Another part of the vast spares selection for the Reactacore range is the Fast-Taper standard length and short No.4 sections, which allow anglers who currently have a Daiwa pole to keep all their Daiwa top kits and use them with their new Reactacore pole.

After waiting almost 18 months for availability, Middy are finally able to supply the tremendously successful range while stocks last, so for more information please browse through the full specification for each pole on the links below, and contact your local stockist to place an order.

Middy actually did manage to fulfil most demand for spare sections and keep people fishing this year, but getting top kits has been difficult. Middy are dedicated to supporting anglers that bought into the range, but the effects on global markets due to Covid and many other factors were unprecedented.

Please contact your local stockist as soon as possible if you want to order any sections, or any of the following top kits and extras:

21033 Standard Cupping Kit (incl. Cup)
21026 Ultra-Control Cupping Kit
21029 Max25 Karp 2-Kit
21035 Max16 Match 3-Kit
21027 Ultra-Control 2-Kit (Black)
21064 Adaptive Q Parallel 3rd
21034 Short 4th
21032 Safe-Zone Mini Butt 5th/6th
21039 Safe-Zone Mini Butt 10/11.5m
21040 Safe-Zone Mini Butt 11.5/13m
21041 Safe-Zone Mini Butt 14.5/16m~
21036 Generic 4th
21037 Generic 5th

13.5m, 14.5m and 16.5m
From £3750 RRP
Click here for full specification and images

13.5m, 14.5m and 16.5m
From £2650 RRP
Click here for full specification and images

13.5m, 14.5m and 16m
From £1600 RRP
Click here for full specification and images

13.5m, 14.5m and 16m
From £1059 RRP
Click here for full specification and images

11.5m and 13.5m
From £750 RRP
Click here for full specification and images

10m, 11.5m and 13m
From £400 RRP
Click here for full specification and images

£300 RRP
Click here for full specification and images

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