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Stubbee winners!

Stubbee winners!

Published: 31/05/2022

Middy are constantly working with top level anglers to create the best tackle and help you catch more. The company was founded on float manufacturing back in the 1960s and the floats are still made right here in the UK, to demanding specifications.

As commercials grew more and more popular through the noughties and teenies, the fishing pressure on these venues became more intense, especially as a result of up-in-the-water tactics. While there's still a time and place for wagglers like the Trick 'Em that make themselves known with a sound on entry to the water, the trend has been moving more towards wagglers that do the opposite and land as quietly and softly as possible, because fish have become more cautious of the dinner-bell sound. That's why the Soft-Land Pellet Stubbee is such a good float to have in your kit. It can genuinely make all the difference for you when other anglers nearby aren't catching, potentially even giving you a match win. At £2.69 RRP, it's certainly worth giving them a try.

In May, we ran a competition across Facebook and Instagram for ten winners to get a complete set of Soft-Land Pellet Stubbee floats to try out for themselves. The winners drawn at random are as follows:

Mark Bows (Instagram) (@bowsyowl)
Lauren Stevens (Instagram) (@laurenstevensfishing)
Simon Mallier (Instagram) (@simonmallier)
Allen Bembrick (Facebook) (Stocksbridge)
Wendy Pearson (Facebook) (Weston-super-Mare)
Tony Bradbury (Facebook) (Worksop)
Lee Smedley (Instagram) (@lee10868)
Steve White (Instagram) (@steve_white_uk)
Will Davies (Facebook) (Stowmarket)
Rob Stott (Facebook) (Launceston)

If you're a winner, please send us an email ( and we'll arrange getting your prize to you. Congratulations.

Thank you to everyone who entered and look out for more competitions across our social media, all is @middymatchrange if you want to go give us a follow.

[Prizes must be claimed by no later than 1st July 2022]

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