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New side bush development

New side bush development

Published: 05/11/2019

We are working on a new side bush system. At present we are at the cad design stage, so it will be the middle of next year at the earliest before this gets to shops. The development process is long winded; modelling and testing alone can take three months. We then will invest around £20k in new tooling if all goes to plan. From initial idea-conception and talking with our consultants new products can take well over a year before they actually become a reality. We hope you like the look of this. No sharp edges, totally polished surfaces for smooth flow, with channels at the top to accommodate pulling elastic down or up out of the pole! It also has a softer click in facility into the pole to protect the wall of the pole. Lets hope it all will work as we envisage if not it is back to the drawing board until we do get it right.

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