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Adam Bayliss joins Middy!

Adam Bayliss joins Middy!

Published: 12/08/2021

Middy are delighted to announce their latest junior sponsorship, Adam Bayliss from Stourbridge in the West Midlands.

Adam is 16 years old and has been fishing for only around five years, but his talent is so undeniable that Middy junior scout Jordan Hall immediately recommended him for sponsorship, having seen Adam fish the Burton Farm Junior Festival earlier this year.

Adam started fishing with the help of the Dawley Angling Society junior section, who gave him the tackle and coaching he needed. Once he had reached a competent level, he donated all the tackle back to them so another person could learn, and began using products of his own choosing, including Middy line, hooks, floats and connectors. Adam already fishes in a sponsored team called Evolved Baits Midlands Match. He loves fishing either a pole or rod on either commercial or natural venues, so he's quite an all rounder.

When asked what fishing means to him, Adam responded: 'Fishing is more than a hobby, it's my passion. I love it because it makes me forget everything else going on and puts me in my own little world. I always put my fishing first. I have made loads of friends all over the country through fishing and that's what I love about this sport. I always get excited when I think about my next match or session and it motivates me to get outside and get some prep done. To me, fishing is an opportunity to appreciate the amazing world around us and take care of it by, for example, picking up litter and taking care of the fish. My grandad used to fish and sadly is no longer with us and every time I'm fishing he's in my head, cheering me on, and that really motivates me.'

He is certainly a promising young fisherman and will now receive a starter pack of products from Middy worth around £1500, as well as some private coaching with Middy's adult sponsored anglers to help develop Adam into a highly skilled angler. Watch this space!

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