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MegaByte as a Paste Mix

Jordan Hall explains how to mix it perfectly every time...
MegaByte as a Paste Mix

Published: 28/04/2021

Jordan Hall recently got hold of the new MegaByte groundbaits from Adrenaline Baits and has been testing it out to ensure it's spot on before it's launched. Primarily created as a Method and Hybrid feeder mix, it also creates a perfect paste mix, as Jordan discovered and explains'

'First thing you notice about MegaByte is the fantastic value for money. 1.4kg for £5.99, which is amazing value yet nothing has been scrimped on it has no less than 70% pellet content, while the other 30% is high grade fish attracting stimulants. It's also gone through a unique double-grind process, making it super fine.

'With the weather getting warmer, a favourite method of mine is paste fishing. For paste in the summer, I like to use either Betaine Green for F1s, or a strong smelling Red Krill for carp. Here's a guide on how to mix the perfect paste every time. Fool proof'

1. Get a large mixing bowl. The Middy EVA 5L one is perfect. turns into a paste mix too 1.jpg

2. Add one part of the ground bait to a tub, e.g. 1 pint of dry mix and add it to the large bowl. turns into a paste mix too 2.jpg

3. To the dry mix, add 1 and half parts water, due to the high pellet contents the mix takes on a lot of water at this stage and the mix will look ruined but don't worry. turns into a paste mix too 3.jpg

4. Mix the slop for 2 mins, just so the water has absorbed into all the particles. turns into a paste mix too 4.jpg

5. Come back in 15 mins and you will have a light fluffy mix perfect for putting round the hook for big carp. Use 0.18 or 0.20 Lo-Viz line, a size 12 KM-4 hook, and Reactacore red elastic you'll be on to a winner. turns into a paste mix too 5.jpg

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