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How it Feels to be Sponsored...

We caught up with new junior signing Harry Brennan...
How it Feels to be Sponsored...

Published: 15/02/2021

Hailing from Bury in the north west, 14 year old Harry Brennan was selected as Middy's first junior sponsorship of the year. We caught up with him recently and asked how it feels to be sponsored.

Harry explains, 'I was offered a sponsorship by Middy in January and I was very excited to be offered this fantastic opportunity. This now gives me the chance to improve my angling by learning from Middy's adult sponsored anglers. I hope with Middy's support I will be able to access big festivals and competitions, putting into practice everything I have learnt, and hopefully do myself and Middy proud.' Brennan junior signing announcement web image.jpg

'I'm excited to be on Middy's books and I hope to act as an ambassador for the brand and attract and encourage other junior anglers to join the sport. Middy are currently putting a lot of effort into encouraging junior angling and I am grateful to be part of this.

'I will be competing at the Middy Academy day in July and I encourage any other anglers aged between 12 and 16 to apply. It's a great opportunity to meet top anglers and get some expert advice from them.'

Any junior anglers interested in the Academy day can find the application form by clicking here. Website News 1280x700px .jpg

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