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63-13 gone... but not forever

They will be available once we can fix supply…
63-13 gone... but not forever

Published: 10/12/2020

Many anglers are now making direct enquiries to us about the 63-13 hooks and where they can find stock. Covid has caused a massive disruption to supply chains worldwide, throughout many industries. With the 63-13 being such a special, almost ‘cult’ hook, we’re struggling to get more supply and don’t anticipate being able to fix this until at least the middle of 2021 and possibly later.

We apologise for any inconvenience and we are doing everything in our power to rectify this. In the meantime, please consider the hooks in our KM range (KM-1, KM-2, KM-3, KM-4)... news 2.jpg

The KM-1 is a finer wire eyed carp hook designed for winter presentations and summer finesse work on commercial match lakes. Try tying them with a knotless knot plus hair with particle baits affixed and get ready for a feeding frenzy. Available in sizes 8 to 20. Watch the video below:

The KM-2 is an exceptionally strong beak-point hook, with an upturned eye for creating rigs with a hair. The upturned eye allows the hair to hang in-line for better hooking. These hooks are perfect for carp commercials and you get ten in a packet. Available in sizes 10 to 18.

The KM-3 is the ultimate strength pattern. It has a beak-point and upturned eye like the very popular KM-2, but is made from one gauge higher steel, making it extremely strong for margin and double figure carp. Ideal for use with banded hair pellets or haired-corn on commercials, they have tremendous holding power and will not straighten-out. The angled eye allows the hair to hang in-line. 10 hooks per packet, available in sizes 10 to 18.

The KM-4 is a barbless spade end pattern, made from 110 hi-carbon and featuring a beak in-turned point. It is an extra-strong pattern for baggin' sessions, formed from a gauge of wire that is not too thick but ensures reliability of catch. Like all of the KM range of hooks, the KM-4 is Teflon impregnated and has a dull anti-glint finish. The range goes from size 10 right down to a size 20, to allow for finesse presentation but with the security of knowing that even this smallest size 20 hook will hold.

There is also a new KM-5 pattern in development - details to be announced later.

All the KM hooks come in packets of 10 priced at £1.55 RRP (price will vary depending where you shop).