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Soft-Land Pellet Stubbee's

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Soft-Land Pellet Stubbee

Published: 20/08/2020

Soft-Land Pellet Stubbee floats have been designed by Lee Thornton and they create minimal water disturbance when fishing baggin' style up-in-the-water tactics, thanks to their reversed weights and extra light AAA-balsa construction. Use with lighter lines and longer 12ft or 13ft rods to achieve good casting distances, but with a super-soft landing and very little splash! On venues where fish have become wise to the splash sound of a float entering the water, these are definitely a good idea to try and will result in you catching fish when other anglers are blanking.

Soft-Land Pellet Stubbees are available in three different weights - 1SSG (1.6g), 2SSG (3.2g) and 3SSG (4.8g). Another excellent float from Middy, paying testament to their heritage and reputation as the number one floats maker. RRP £2.49 each.

Mark Sawyer of Angling Times was extremely impressed with the way they settle so quickly and softly - watch his video review below:

You can purchase these floats from most Middy stockists, or ask them to order in for you if they don't already have stock. Alternatively, you can order online.