Andrew Quarmby - Shock Core Fusion XM10 Pole
18 APRIL 2012
Middy match consultant Andrew Quarmby explains the benefits of the Shock Core Fusion XM10 pole.
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"I have used the pole at catch match weights to over 200lb of fish to 18lb using 0.22 line and double 14-16 elastic.

The first thing you will notice with this "margin" pole is that it's built using the same mandrills as a normal pole, and therefore has the advantage of not being as bendy/floppy as standard margin poles. The XM10 at 11.5m feels like a normal margin pole at 9m!

Another key feature of the pole is the top kits. Most margin poles come supplied with tops that are about 5-6 foot long by the time you cut them back to accommodate thick elastic. The problem here is that a lot of commercials are 6 foot deep at the bottom of the near slope, which makes landing fish a pain as the tops are too short. It's often an open invitation for them to do you under the platform! However, with the XM10, the top kits are the length of a standard pole (around 7.5 foot). This gives flexibility to the pole as you have 3 options:

- 1. Use the top kit at full length and put elastic through the whole kit. This gives plenty of stretch when you are using it in deeper water away from snags.

Or, if you are using it for snag fishing and don't want a lot of stretch...

- 2. Use a shorter length of elastic and just put some Dacron backing on your pole bung. This makes playing fish easier.
- 3. Cut the top kit right back and fit a very large bush on the end. This gives extra stiffness and strength.

The top kits are readily-available and inexpensive. If you want additional kits to those included in the XM10 package, visit your local Middy stockist and ask them to order the kits for you."

The Shock Core Fusion XM10 is a superb pole primarily designed for margin fishing and has a massive 25 elastic rating. Available to buy as a 10m or 11.5m package, including an additional Margin 25 power two kit, mini extension, carry bag and two elastication kits. For more product details, click here.